About MIOA


During the 13 years of creation of MIOA, the following achievements have been accomplished: 

  • Formal creation of the Organization in 2000.
  • Development of a website linking all member countries.
  • Development of professional and personal relationships between market information specialists.
  • Information sharing, such as: 

– Impact of natural disasters. 
– New product availability.
– Changes in regulations.
– Market intelligence.
– Food security.

  • Data transfer in response to specific requests.
  • Numerous bilateral and multilateral technical assistance efforts and exchanges of specialists.
  • Assessment of the Market Information System in all member countries.
  • Development of the document “Best practices in Market Information Systems”.
  • Strengthened the capacity of Market Information Systems managers.
  • Two hemispheric workshops for Managers of MIS.
  • Several regional capacity building workshops for market reporters and data collectors.
  • Wide and growing recognition of MIOA as the world leader in Market Information Systems for agricultural commodities.
  • Continuing efforts as an Organization supporting technical assistance and capacity building, in both, national and regional projects by other funding organizations.
  • Promoted the importance of agricultural accurate and timely market information: a) get it; b) get it right; and c) get it out.
  • Enhanced the visibility and value of Market Information Systems in the member countries.
  • Strengthened the focus on customer service and quality control.
  • Recognition and support by the Ministers of Agriculture the Hemisphere at the IABA meeting, 2011:

Ministerial declaration: "Supporting the work of MIOA to promote greater collaboration between the Member States on innovative means to collect, process, analyze and disseminate information relative to markets and agrifood commodities fostering greater market transparency and efficiencies”. 

What is next as an Organization?

  • Develop and establish a process to ensure long-term results from the work of MIOA: politically and financially.
  • Promote greater support and collaboration among member countries.
  • Continue to strengthen the capacity and the functioning of the Market Information Systems in member countries.
  • Develop and continue partnership with organizations such as: IICA, FLAMA, WUWM, CTA, FAO, CARICOM, UNCTAD, IDB, USAID, SIECA, CAC, CAN, CAS, others.
  • Support the commitment of the G-20 related to Agricultural Market Information Systems.
  • Work towards a worldwide Agricultural Market Information Systems Organization.