About MIOA

What is MIOA?

The Market Information Organization of the Americas (MIOA) is a cooperation network comprised of government institutions or those institutions so delegated by the government, whose principal functions and aims is the collection, process, analysis and dissemination of information relative to markets and agricultural commodities.

MIOA's main purpose is to promote markets' importance and transparency by means of a timely and systematic information exchange. Within this process the MIOA's network will define standards and recommendations for the common use of terminology, methodology and technology. Finally, the MIOA will seek to facilitate the application of technical assistance among the member institutions.

Main goals of the MOIA network:

  • To promote cooperation among the member institutions and to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and experiences in the collection and dissemination of market information.
  • To assist in the creation of standards for terminology, methodology and technology to be used within the network.
  • To facilitate the timely and consistent exchange of market information among the institutions of the member countries.
  • To serve as a channeling point and to create a multiplier effect for financial support from the international aid organizations.
  • The MIOA's network is defined as a catalytic body of common efforts addressed to defined goals. Such goals emerged of the member institutions' needs and interests that hope to be solved by their own resources and by funds of national and international cooperation organisms.

Institutions members of the MIOA are from 33 countries of America. All of them are directly linked to the agricultural market information generation in their own countries, both, at agricultural commodities prices issue level and/or market analysis and planning.

Development level reached by the agricultural markets' information systems in America's countries, has depend on economic conditions of each country, on their market development and in the importance each country gives to information as a tool in their agricultural management and markets.

The MIOA network is not intended to intervene in the natural processes of each country, but it will address its efforts in promoting the use of information as a valid indicative of agricultural management.

It is a scenario where markets integration advances, information and communication can contribute in the way each country faces larger competitiveness levels imposed by globalization.

The MIOA network strategy has been defined in order to face this challenge, and is cored in searching support and cooperation mechanisms that will allow all member institutions to enforce their own systems, get a common language, provide and receive assistance from other experiences and enlarge their ability to generate, process and above all, spread information to agricultural agents in their own countries in particular and all America in general.

In order to access the MIOA network, institutions shall be governmental organizations or organizations linked with government, whose function or main purpose is the collection, analysis and dissemination of information relative to markets and to agricultural products, as well as subscribing a Letter of Intention which will give an official shape to its access.