Name of the Institution

Ministry of Agro-industry.

Institutional Level  

Government institution.

Role of the Institution  

The Ministry of Agro-industry is the agency responsible for designing and monitoring policies for the agrifood sector in Argentina. The ministry analyzes each product’s production, markets, and value chain. It also oversees sanitary control at the internal level as well as for export, and creates quality and technological research standards. The ministry manages several social programs targeting micro- and small-scale producers. Furthermore, the ministry oversees all matters related to international negotiations involving agricultural products.

Objectives of the institution as to its information  

As an official agency, the ministry handles a wide range of information, from production indicators to trade information, mainly targeted at primary sector stakeholders, value chain participants, other government agencies, provincial organizations, and institutions that are involved in the sector (universities, associations, cooperatives, etc.).

The objective of this information is to facilitate strategic planning and decision-making by producers, operators, traders, institutions, etc.

Operational structure of the information area  

The Communications Area serves to consolidate the information generated by the ministry’s various divisions via the website. This department collects all the information provided by each division and incorporates it into a standard format to be published on the website. Based on its duties, each division, in turn, generates information and transfers it to the Communications Area.

Specific activities that they carry out  

Certain information comes directly from each division (e.g. grain harvest forecasts, market indicators, special regimes). All offices collect, process, and disseminate information in a direct manner through various channels such as print materials, emails, phone consultations, faxes, personal contacts, etc.


The website is updated on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. It includes harvest status reports, market indicators (domestic and international prices, transaction volumes, exports and imports), market reports (trends, projections, etc.), general interest reports, new developments, relevant news and a description of the activities of the authorities.


  • Argentine Food Products (Alimentos Argentinos) - quarterly.
  • SAGyP Forestry (SAGyP Forestal) - quarterly.
  • Agricultural Estimates (Estimaciones agricolas) - weekly and monthly.
  • Economic Outcomes for Livestock (Resultados economicos ganaderos) - quarterly.
  • Other publications

Customer Service Center  

Communications Unit, Paseo Colon. 982 2nd floor. Tel.: 5411-4349-2215; Fax: 5411-4349-2092.



Communications Unit
Paseo Colon. 982 2nd floor
Tel.: 5411-4349-2215
Fax: 5411-4349-2092


MIOA Delegates

Andrea Marcela Dansa
Tel.: 5411-4349-2270

Maria de la Consolacion Otaño
Tel.: 5411-434922