Name of the Institution

Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment.

Institutional Level  

Government institution.

Role of the Institution  

To develop an agricultural sector that is globally competitive; contributes to economic growth, enhanced national food and nutrition security, poverty alleviation and social wellbeing, and conservation of the natural environment; and that is aligned to regional and international agricultural policies and strategies that are beneficial to the country’

The ministry also aims to stimulate economic growth in the agriculture sector through the development of a well-coordinated planning and implementation that are interactive, and effective, and involve the full participation of the stakeholders, which promotes food security, income generation and poverty alleviation.

Objectives of the institution as to its information  

To collect, analyze and disseminate accurate, meaningful and timely information to all stakeholders (including Ministry staff).

Operational structure of the information area  

Its multi faceted and divisional. Each division (e.g. livestock, agronomy, extension, etc.) collects, analyze and disseminate information through their various reporting mechanism. Autonomy is given to the divisions with regards to information. This makes micro management in the sector more effective as divisions are able to identify and response to situations quickly but such autonomy challenges national reporting on the sector.

National reporting on the sector is often the work of the Central Statistical Office with which the ministry collaborates. However, internally, the ministry complies several reports; most notable its quarterly report. This report is a summation of the division’s reports and captures key information and indicators relevant to the sector performance.

Specific to marketing information, the officer with responsibility for marketing collects agribusiness data monthly from all major commercial purchasers of local farm produce on the island and export data from exporters. This data is use for the following:

  • Price inflation calculation.
  • Calculation of national production output of specific items.
  • Export performance.
  • Production scheduling.

Specific activities that they carry out  

Specific to the Marketing Officer with whom the responsibility for data collection on prices and purchases are assigned, the activities carried out in the performance of this task are thus summarized:

  • Circulation of data collection forms electronically to all major commercial purchasers of local farm produce.
  • Entities upload requested data on form and email to Marketing Officer.
  • Reports are complied.

NB: wide circulation and sometimes meaningful circulation of report has been a challenge due to cost considerations.


The Ministry’s reports and publications are uploaded on the government website:


For the past five years, the most comprehensive publication of the sector has been the National Agriculture Review, a publication sponsored by the FAO.



Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment
Ministerial Complex
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MIOA Delegates

Jimmy Lindsay
Marketing Officer
Ministry of Agriculture
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