Name of the Institution

Planning Directorate (Dirección de Planeamiento-DIPLAN) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food (Ministerio de Agricultura, Ganadería y Alimentación-MAGA).

Institutional Level  

Government institution.

Role of the Institution  

Planning Directorate of MAGA is the technical support entity responsible for designing, reviewing and updating the Sectoral Policy and its corresponding implementation instruments, as well as carrying out planning, programming, monitoring, strengthening, modernization and international trade processes.

Objectives of the institution as to its information  

Provide support in accessing strategic information on markets and commercializing products by researching, generating, systematizing, analyzing and disseminating information for the agricultural sector in general.

The general objective of the Marketing Information System (MIS) is to generate quality and reliable information to create policies and plan, evaluate and monitor the agricultural activities that enable the development of farmers and their families. 

The specific objectives of the SIM are:

  • To increase the availability of timely and reliable market information and improve access to this information for rural producers (especially small and medium-sized producers) and other sectors related to the production chain, through the use of diverse mechanisms or public and private services.
  • To study the behavior of prices of agricultural products in the country’s main markets, both in the capital and in the 22 departments.
  • To utilize an automated system to compile and record data and process information on prices of agricultural products.
  • To report on the production potential that departments and municipalities possess to promote local investments. 
  • To possess up-to-date and organized strategic information that is founded on a conceptual framework based on a broad and comprehensive understanding of agriculture and rural life in Guatemala.

Operational structure of the information area  

The Market Information System of Guatemala is a part of the International Trade Department of the DIPLAN/MAGA Planning Directorate, and its operational structure is as follows:

  • Planning Director for MAGA.
  • Head of the International Trade Department.
  • Two analysts of agricultural marketing information.
  • A Market Information System specialist.
  • Three international trade and market intelligence analysts.
  • Four researchers of prices of agricultural products in relevant markets in the country’s capital.
  • Two digitizers and researchers from the agricultural, livestock, hydrobiological and agroforestry sectors.
  • Twenty-two researchers of market prices of agricultural products at the department level.
  • A supervisor and quality control specialist.
  • IT support for DIPLAN (3), specifically in platform design, database safeguarding and information dissemination on the Web.

Specific activities that they carry out  

  • Prices of carriers and rural distribution centers: Information on prices for basic grains; carriers and producers supply information regarding distribution center prices.
  • Wholesale prices: Daily information on the main wholesale markets in Guatemala City, which are representative of other markets and determine nationwide prices.
  • Consumer prices:
    • Daily information on consumer prices in the same wholesale markets; used as a reference, since other state entities regulate this data.
    • The MAGA offices in each of the 22 departments monitor prices in the main market of each department on a weekly basis.
  • Prices in production areas: Using information provided by FAO/GUATEMALA for corn and bean, which is obtained on a weekly basis at the community level and disseminated via a monthly report.
  • Monitoring of international prices for the main products
  • Ordinary and extraordinary reports
    • Create weekly reports.
    • Monthly reports.
    • Price yearbooks.
    • Historic price records.
    • Etc.
  • Production and international trade information.
    • Agriculture in numbers.
    • Status reports on corn and bean crops.
    • Meetings about quotas, negotiations and the management of treaties that influence the prices of certain products.
    • Support for the agribusiness system and production chains.
    • Analysis of national and international trade and trade intelligence.
    • Etc.
  • Disseminate information


The homepage of MAGA’s website includes two directories: a horizontal menu that displays the MAGA Directory, links, information possessed by each vice-ministry, publications, a guest book, software and the web master. The vertical directory lists all of the dependencies and decentralized entities that form part of MAGA, and also describes each directorate’s legal framework, vision, mission, objective, organizational chart and information.


Technical documents such as the price yearbook, weekly reports, monthly reports, etc.

Customer Service Center  

  • MAGA central offices, specifically in the Public Information Unit (Unidad de Informacion Publica, UIP) located in the Monja Blanca building on Avenue 7, 12-90, Zone 13, Guatemala City. Tel.: (502) 24137000.
  • Planning Directorate, International Trade Department (Direccion de Planeamiento, Departamento de Comercio Internacional) on Avenue 5, 8-06, Zone 9; Tel.: (502) 23604428 | (502) 23341048.



Planning Directorate (Direccion de Planeamiento)
International Trade Department (Departamento de Comercio Internacional)
Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food (Ministerio de Agricultura, Ganadería y Alimentación-MAGA)
Avenue 5, 8-06, Zone 9
Tel.: (502) 23604428 | 23341048



MIOA Delegates

Erwin Ardon Paredes
Planning Director
Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food

Nery Leonel Perez Garcia
Head of the International Trade Department
Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Food