Name of the Institution

Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock / Marketing Division.

Institutional Level  

Government Institution. Marketing Division of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

Role of the Institution  

The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock through the Marketing Division, studies and performs ongoing analysis of the domestic and international markets for agricultural and forestry products. Together with other relevant government agencies and private entities, it develops standards and norms for domestic and foreign marketing of the products and by-products of the agricultural and forestry sectors (Law Nº:81/92).

Objectives of the institution as to its information  

The objective of the Marketing Division (MAG-DC) and its Coordination. AMIS (Agricultural Market Information System) is to provide agricultural product and input market information to producers and institutions, as well as public and private organizations involved in information and technology transfer activities.

Operational structure of the information area  


  • Research, validate and compile relevant data.
  • Generate, gather, process and disseminate information on the different items of the agricultural sector marketing chain.
  • Determine the appropriate methodology for the dissemination of the data in function # 1.
  • Promote the use of market information for decision making and planning purposes.
  • Establish databases and a documentation center.
  • Define indicators for impact evaluation purposes.

Specific activities that they carry out  

  • Carrying out the three key steps in information management: collection, processing and dissemination.
  • Gathering data on the main domestic and international produce markets.
  • Processing data, and developing and reproducing materials for dissemination.
  • Analyzing the status of agricultural product quotes and prices.
  • Disseminating relevant information.
  • Handling requests for specific information.
  • Coordinating with other departments of the Marketing Division regarding training activities for producers as to the use of the information provided.
  • Identifying and maintaining contact with the domestic and international organizations that provide information on agricultural markets.


Ministry of Agriculture Web Page:


  • Daily Bulletin: Includes data on fruit and vegetable prices from the most important markets in the country, as well as purchase prices for products at industrial and export levels, and quotes for products on the international market (grains and cereals).
  • Weekly Bulletin: Contains information on international prices for fruits and vegetables in the Southern Cone (first phase), converted for easy comparison with prices in Paraguay.
  • Monthly Publication: Includes prices and general context for the wholesale fruit and vegetable markets in Paraguay.
  • Quarterly Publication: Contains prices and market information for fruits and vegetables on the most important supply markets in the first phase of the Southern Cone.
  • Trimestral Bulletin: Small livestock prices.




MIOA Delegates

Rafaela Bobadilla de Martinez
AMIS Coordinator (MAG-DC-DIM)
Tel.: 59521-582290

José Torres Fernández
Marketing Division Director-MAG
Tel.: 59521-585031